Cycho’s Buffalo Wings are chicken wings that are inspired by the famous Buffalo Wings from BUFFALO, New York that were first invented in 1964 by Frank and Teressa Bellissimo.  The original Buffalo Wings are chicken wings that are deep fried (either breaded or not), then slathered with zesty bright orange sauce.

 Our promise to you – Every bite will take you high!

The Cycho's Story

Cyrus is the name. Awesome food is his game. During his younger years, Cyrus Platon was fondly called “Cycho” (Pronounced as /ˈsīkō/ or "psycho") due to his fun and crazy antics. A true kitchen warrior, Cyrus used his years of experience in the hospitality industry to create a masterpiece now known as Cychos Buffalo Wings - yummy morsels of chicken wings that will surely drive your taste buds crazy! - thus our tagline: INSANELY DELICIOUS

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